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Graphic work of Vincent van Gogh
In 2015 the fact that Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) died 125 years ago, will be commemorated. Throughout the year 2015 many activities have been planned at more than 30 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France which mark life and work of this world renowned artist. Following you will find exhibitions, wonderful cultural events and surprising digital applications and all this under the motto: Van Gogh 2015, 125 years of inspiration.

Vincent van Gogh as a graphic artist
From 9 May until 4 October the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum will be participating in these events with a fascinating exhibition on Vincent van Gogh’s graphic work. This work includes nine lithographs and one etching. Eight lithographs have been made in The Hague and one lithograph - undoubtedly the most famous one – in Eindhoven. It is a striking preliminary study of “The Potato Eaters”. Next to showing Van Gogh’s underexposed graphic work we will widely focus on Van Gogh’s sources of inspiration, the realisation history of his works, his choice in and fascination with lithography and what he planned to do with it. We will also show the film “The Van Gogh Family, Then and Now”, courtesy of the Vincentre in Nuenen.

Vincent believed in graphic art!
This is what Vincent van Gogh wrote on December 2/3, 1882: “Anyway, the problem with some paintings is that they seem to be quite something in their large frames and later on one is surprised that they leave such an empty and unsatisfied feeling, as opposed to many an insignificant woodblock print, lithography or etching which is overlooked but later remembered and which one gets attached to and feels something grand in.” Vincent van Gogh.

Museum reprint of the lithography The Potato Eaters
This exhibition project includes a museum reprint of the lithograph “The Potato Eaters”. In this project we follow the course which Vincent took to turn this lithograph from a preliminary study into the painting with the same name, which was to become so famous. Several topics have been recorded in a short documentary which also focuses on his other graphic work, clarified by a number of Van Gogh experts. The documentary will also be shown during the exhibition.
The reprint of the lithograph will be unveiled on 16 April, exactly 130 years after the this lithograph was printed in a limited edition at Gestel Printing.

Van Gogh workshops
But there are also several things to do! In our recently refurbished Senefelder Museum studio, people of all ages are invited to develop their talents in one day workshops, preceded by an in depth mini course on lithography. Focal point will be “The Potato Eaters”: workshop participants will be asked to draw on stone their “own potato eater”, under the guidance of one of our professional workshop instructors. A lithography workshop such as this could mean the ultimate way to enrich your inner life and can hold 15 participants. The dates of a minimum of two workshops for adults and two for children are to be announced at a later date.

Stone Printing Weekend a tribute to Vincent van Gogh
This year’s annual Stone Printing Weekend, held 4-6 September 2015, will be a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. Wishing to give this special exhibition an extra impulse, two young promising artists from Brabant , Nanne Meulendijks and Rutger Termohlen, will challenge ten contemporary artists to translate their view on Vincent van Gogh’s graphic work into a two colour lithograph of their own, to be drawn and printed during three days in the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum studio. These contemporary lithographs will be printed under the supervision of Master Printer Gert Jan Forrer and will form a “Graphic Exchange Portfolio”.
Afterwards, this Exchange Portfolio, containing nine lithographs and one etching, will surface at various locations in pop up exhibitions.This project will be an addition to a new development amongst young talented artists, namely discovering traditional techniques and working according to those techniques, as a reaction to the various and infinite digital possibilities.

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