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On Friday, November 20th Nico Vrielink could put his signature on two exclusive lithographs that he could make with master printer Gertjan Forrer and our museum team in the Nederlands Steendruk Museum. Never before he made lithographs in the traditional way in an authentic Solnhofer litho stone! It was therefore decided for the sake of exclusivity to keep this single print run small.

'The Bull' by Vrielink "image size approx 78 x 105 cm, monochrome, edition of only 15 pieces (!), Signed, numbered and NSM Präge stamp. Price: € 600, -

"Lucian Freud ..." When I look into the mirror "image size ca. 48 x 59 cm, three colors (!) , Circulation 50 pieces, signed, numbered and NSM Präge stamp included. Ten pieces in this series are monochrome, so in 'black and white', it will be offered at the same sale price. Price: € 375, -

If interested please contact Frank van Oortmerssen via info@steendrukmuseum.nl

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